Evolution of a Druid: In Many Forms

I admittedly haven’t done a lot of leveling on my new druid since Patch 3.3 came out.  I’ve been splitting my time between the Dungeon Finder and ICC.  But I’ve been able to squeeze in some XP, which, like druids, now comes in lots of different forms.

This week, I did some Warsongs and netted some pretty awesome XP from them.  I also tried out the random lowbie dungeon and dinged 19 halfway through Deadmines.

Here are a couple of screenshots I picked up between 12 and 19.  There’s more in the album if you’re so inclined.



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3 responses to “Evolution of a Druid: In Many Forms

  1. I should do this type of thing when I level up a new one in Cataclysm. 🙂

    I’m refusing to level any new characters before then, lol

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