Get Ready, Get Set, Get Arthas! Patch 3.3: The Interface

User Interface

Quest Tracking

This has a lot of different features, very similar in a lot of respects to Quest Helper, and since a lot of us are familiar with that, I’m going to use it as a reference point for some of these things.

QT – The Map

the new map interface w/ quest tracking turned on

On the top left is your map, pretty much the way you’re used to seeing it, just smaller.  On the right is a list of quests in that zone, and you can see the details of the selected quest on the bottom.  The quest-tracking part comes in with the numbering system.  I’ve got “Rider of Unholy” selected in my quest list, and it’s marked with a 1.  That 1 is lit up on the map at the location of the objective, in this case, a mob that needs some killing.

Similar to Quest Helper, if you have a quest objective that covers a zone (i.e., killing Plainstriders in the Barrens), selecting that quest will highlight an area of the map where that objective can be completed, but unlike QH it will choose the area closest to you rather than showing you where in the zone they spawn.

A “Show Map” button will be in your quest log on the upper right side, and if you select a quest and then click this button, it will show you the quest’s location on the map.  You can also minimize the quest tracking parts of the map and leave the map up on your screen, like so:

minimized map

Since a lot of you are going to want to know this, yes, you can turn this feature off.  If you clicked on the link to see the full-sized screenshot above, then you can see a checkbox in the lower right hand corner marked “Show Quest Objectives.”  Unchecking this will give you back the map you are accustomed to.

QT – Quest Objective Tracking

objective tracking

If you use the standard UI, then you know about quest tracking already.  They’ve updated it a bit, adding the corresponding numbers to the quest tracking UI.  When using the smaller map, this will, in theory, allow you to consult both while still navigating.

If you complete the quest, the number will be replaced by a gold question mark.

You can choose to display the difficulty of the quest, and those colors correspond to the quest log colors (gray, green, yellow, orange, and red).

And, similar to quest helper, you can minimize the quest tracking list by clicking on the small arrow just above and to the right of the list itself.

While I can totally understand why they’ve implemented this (go ahead, count 10 people in your guild that don’t use some kind of quest-tracking add-on), I still think there’s merit to new players doing it the old fashioned way.  But what do I know?  I’m just an old fart who found Westfall the first time while swimming.

Buffs & Debuffs


As you can see from the screenshot, there’s a new interface section with options related to buffs.  Here’s what each one does if you enable it:

Buff Durations:  Does what it always has.  It shows how long is left on the buff or debuff.  I’ve had this turned on since Amber was level 35 and I don’t even think about it anymore.

Dispelable Buffs:  Shows only debuffs you can dispel from friendly targets while you are in a raid.  I have Grid for this.

Castable Buffs:  Shows only buffs you can cast on friendly targets while you are in a raid.  If you’re a druid with the tank targeted, for instance, you’ll see whether or not he has Mark of the Wild, but you won’t see his Fortitude.

Consolidate Buffs:  This takes all of the buffs you normally see on the top right hand of your screen and groups them up into one box.  There’s a counter on the box to tell you how many buffs you have and you can mouseover it and see.  Short term buffs, like Nature’s Grasp, Nature’s Splendor, or Eclipse will show up outside of the box, but long-term buffs, like Mark of the Wild, won’t show until it’s about to expire.  Then it will appear outside of the box so you’ll see it and refresh it.buff consolidator

Castable Debuff:  Shows only debuffs that you cast on a target.  This means if you’re a moonkin, you won’t see the SP’s Misery or the Hunter’s Mark on your target; you’ll only see FF, Earth & Moon, MF, and IS if they’re up.

Random UI Stuff

  • Lag Reports: Players can now report high latency or lag by accessing the Help Request menu.
  • Unit Nameplates
    • The range at which players can see unit nameplates has been increased by 40 yards.
    • Unit nameplates are now subject to line-of-sightlimitations in certain situations (this does not pertain to objects like Arena pillars or bridges).
    • Players can now adjust select unit nameplate display settings listed below under Interface Options via the Names tab.
      • Friendly/enemy pet nameplates can be toggled.
      • Enemy totem nameplates can be toggled (friendly totem nameplates are never displayed).
      • Players can choose whether or not unit nameplates overlap.
    • Unit nameplates for critters are never displayed.
  • Non spell-based tracking now persists through logout.
  • Any party member may mark targets (this does not apply to raid groups).
  • Players will be warned when their talents are reset due to a new patch.
  • “/Settitle” command has been added.
  • Tentative status added for calendar responses.
  • Unit frames added for special encounters.
  • Experience earned for a quest will display in the Quest Rewards section.
  • Confirmation box added when buying stable slots.

These are all self-explanatory.  There are some macro changes, but none of them seem very earth-shattering.  The two that stuck out to me were the new macro options to use “@” instead of “target=” (so you can do /cast @mouseover Nourish) and “/settitle” (now I can macro equipping my Chef’s Hat and changing my title to “Chef Ambermist” without scripting).

chef ambermist

Well, that took up a lot more space than I thought, so I guess you’ll get two posts on what will hopefully be Patch Day:  we will finally wrap up the 3.3 digest, and I’ll be posting the next installment of “A Cord of Two Strands.”


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