I’m Thankful For…

I asked Twitter last night to tell me what they’re thankful for in the World…of Warcraft, particularly Moonkins.  We seem to agree that rogues and pallies are what we’re NOT thankful for.

We are thankful for 1) Other Moonkin.  2) Utility (what raid doesn’t have a moonkin buff these days?).  3) Versatility.

I’ll also add that I am thankful for a guild to raid with, friends to play with, and Moonfire, because it looks cool.

But I’m especially thankful for all the people who’ve helped me become a better Moonkin , the handful of people that are loyal readers of this blog (especially my husband and proofreader!), and all the new people who stumble upon TLBC and don’t try to throw stuff at me through the monitor.  Thank you all!

Ambermist the Pilgrim says:  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!


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