A Little Birdy Told Me

Game director Tom Chilton and Director of Production J. Allen Brack logged onto Twitter and answered questions for about 45 minutes (for a total of 39 questions).  I have to be honest, I expected more.  A lot of the questions they answered are things that are either common sense or things that anyone who follows WoWInsider or WoW’s own news info enough already knows.  Neither one of my questions were answered, sadly.  If you’re at all interested, I encourage to you read the full post here, but if you want a brief synopsis of some of the more interesting things, read on:

Did Someone Say Druid?

Wow, talk about disappointment.  I know I couldn’t have been the only druid asking questions, and yet there’s only one druid mention in the whole post.  If our questions needed to be geared towards Chilton and Brack’s collective pool of knowledge, they should’ve been more specific.

Q: When do hunters get to tame druids?

A: Right after druids get a hunter form.

They really answered this question?  All of the questions they must be receiving, and this is the one they choose?  /facepalm

Patch 3.3 Related

Q: Ulduar had one kind of hard mode(triggered).. ToC had another (ToC vs TOGC).. Ony has none. What will ICC have?”

A: ICC’s hard modes will be triggered, but via in-game UI (much like how you toggle between normal and heroic modes today) rather than triggered by game mechanics (like not killing the three drakes before you attack Sartharion).

I kind of liked the immersion of the game-mechanic triggered events.  Did anyone really struggle with how that worked?  I hope the hard modes are interesting.

Q: Any plans for a gated system in IIC like in Colliseum that prevents us from doing hardmodes from day 1?

A: We do have a system that unlocks bosses similar to how we handled TOC and Sunwell. We are restricting hard modes to raid leaders that have defeated Arthas in regular mode.

THANK YOU.  Are we going to moan and groan all the way to Arthas?  You bet.  Is it going to be super rewarding to make our way through normal mode and be “qualified” to do hard modes?  Oh my goodness YES.

Q: With T10, are we going to see tokens like in Ulduar? or like CC? CC style had every class and spec rolling on same thing.

A: With t10 we’re going to see a hybrid. The tier 10 items (the ones with item levels you’d find in the 10-player raid) will be purchased with Emblems of Frost.

The tier 10.5 items (the ones with item levels you’d find in the 25-player raid) will be obtained by getting a token (one that is specific to 3 or 4 classes, much like the ulduar tokens) and using it to upgrade the tier 10 item that was purchased with emblems of frost.

I like this.  I liked class-specific gear tokens.  It streamlined gearing without being complicated or messy.  The ToC any-class trophy method is way too messy in my opinion.  If this works seamlessly, as I hope it will, it’ll be the perfect blend.

Q: Crowd control is all but dead in raids. Is that something you plan on bringing back?

A: Like say… with the Faction Champions encounter in ToC? ;]

I have to disagree with ya here, dev.  Our group doesn’t use any traditional type CC for that fight.  We have melee keeping certain targets stunlocked, but that’s about it.  The rest is self-preservation and burn-the-heck out of them.  This fight for me looks like this:  Target Skull > FF > MF > IS > Wrath > Wrath > Eclipse > SF > SF > SF > SF > OH CRAP THE DK IS CHASING ME > Nature’s Grasp > Strafe > Strafe > Phew > Target X > Rinse & Repeat.  The druid healers sometimes cyclone things that are chasing them, and there’s a lot of slowing going on.  But traditional sheep this, sleep that, keep this and this tanked?  No way.

It’s the End of the World

Q: Thousand Needles is getting a big change in levels; how has the Cataclysm affected it?

A: As a result of the Cataclysm, Thousand Needles has been completely flooded with water!

I’m sure I knew this, but it apparently escaped my consciousness.  I can’t wait to see Lake of a Thousand Needles!

Q: Will there be anymore epic storylines with cinematics like the wrathgate questline?

A: We have big plans for additional in game cinematics! We are happy with how the Wrathgate questline worked out, and want to do more lines like this.

I loved Wrathgate.  I still save it as my very last quest for my alts on the way out of Dragonblight, and I still get all shivery as the dragons come flying in over the horizon.  I hope they duplicate this two or three times.

Q: Will 10-man raiding guilds see Legendary quality weapons (items) drop in there raids anytime soon? Or in Cataclysm?

A: Our current plan is to reserve Legendary weapons for the 25 person encounters, I wouldn’t rule it out in the future though.

I’m sorry, 10-man raiders, but this makes me sad in the pants.  Do you know why there are still warriors who equip Thunderfury when they’re running around farming?  Or why my guild master sat in Yogg-Saron’s room until our little Val’anyr issue was resolved?  These weapons are special, they’re unique.  They’re supposed to be a challenge to obtain, and a badge of honor for your character and your guild.  10-man raids, in my opinion, are too easy to merit legendaries.  Please stick with your plan, Blizz.

So there you have it.  Again, read the whole post if you’re not a WoW newshog like me and want to know what else was mentioned.  I think there will be more chats coming, and hopefully they’ve taken a few ideas away from this one to make the next one better.  I think they need to narrow the focus of these chats based on who’s answering the questions, but I guess only they know what’s really going on over there.



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2 responses to “A Little Birdy Told Me

  1. Capo

    i think we need a new form in the way of a traveling mount form for a group…how much fun would that be?

    other than that, i disagree with the 25/10 man stuff. SOme guilds arnt able to get into 25’s and only are able to field 10 man teams. Having gear drop in 10s wouldnt hurt, as i think it limits alot of the people in the game from seeing certain things. Running a constant 25 man raid is a job in its self, and i know i couldnt handle it long.

    Now mind you i hate welfare epics to the point i think if someone has more than 2 pieces of pvp gear on during a boss kill they dont get a badge…that would make my life so happy. I ran with a druid the other day who was in boom form, full FERAL pvp gear with spell dmg gems and chants…

    • battlechicken

      I saw someone like that the other day, but it was on the PTR, so I chalked it up to not knowing the class. She was in some feral gear, some moonkin gear, with a caster staff gemmed for agility and stamina. o.O lol.

      Here’s why I disagree on the 10/25 man legendary issue. I know it’s not really fair to the guilds that can only function raiding 10-mans either because of the people in their guild, scheduling, or dedication. But how much more unfair is it that my guild could split into two 10-man groups on offnights and FARM level 80 legendaries?

      Here’s my hypothetical situation that makes me wary of this idea:

      Let’s pretend Ulduar’s new. There are two legendaries that drop from the new Ulduar: one of them is the Val’anyr, healing mace of the gods. It drops fragments only in 25-man. The other is Val’anot, and it drops fragments only in 10-man. True, the Val’anot isn’t quite as good as the Val’anyr, but it’s still REALLY AWESOME and it’s orange!

      Sure, 10-man guilds are busily learning their Flame Leviathan and XT-002 strats and dedicating themselves to clearing it. A week in, they get FL and XT down, and a fragment drops from XT, woot!

      In the meantime, my 25-man guild has figured out that we can get the Val’anyr for one pally, and the Val’anot for a pally AND another druid pretty easily. We spend the first 3 raid nights getting Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, and XT down (Which I’m pretty sure we did all in the first week, anyway). We get one fragment off of 25-man XT.

      The fourth night, well heck, we all know the strats. Let’s split into two 10-mans. The first group gets through FL, Razor, XT, and spends some time learning Iron Council. 1 fragment drops off of FL for the lucky paladin. The second group focuses on FL and Ignis, and they don’t get a fragment.

      They reform on the off night with a few substitutions and manage to get Razorscale, XT, AND Council down. 1 fragment drops.

      So, in one raid week, our guild has managed to snag one Val’anyr and TWO Val’anot fragments, while the 10-man guild, as devoted as they’ve been, only get 1.

      Now, multiply this on a server-wide scale. Even though I’m pretty happy here, most agree that Durotan is pretty crappy progression-wise overall. I know there are at least four 25-man guilds who would do exactly what I just suggested. Put that on a server with 5, 6, or 7 progression guilds, and bam, you’ve got legendaries forming up all over the place.

      THEN, a few months in, 10-man Ulduar is easily PuGable, at least for a few bosses. Now PuGs are getting fragments to drop; heck, ALTS are now getting legendary fragments.

      All of a sudden, anyone can get it, and it’s not so legendary.

      That’s why I disagree with it. Legendary items stop being special when anyone can get them.

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