Letters to my Guildies: Kiss My Butt

Before I embark on this week’s letter, I want to take a second to ask you to make me popular.  Oh, you’re not a miracle worker?  Fair enough.

There’s a new WoW site in town, and from what I’ve seen of it, it’s pretty neat.  It’s a blog-forum hybrid for WoW advice called, appropriately enough, EpicAdvice.com.  At Kazzamalla’s request, I’ve put my blog up there as part of the druid blog roll.  If you have a sec, I’d love for you to go vote for TLBC.

Now that the housekeeping is taken care of, let’s get back to the matter at hand.

Dear Suck-up,

I understand that you really want to succeed in the guild.  I am a people-pleaser myself, so I completely empathize with wanting to make the right people happy.  It’s definitely okay to have aspirations; when you care about what other people think, at least in a healthy amount, you’re going to try harder to do well, and that’s great.

But while you might think you’re being smooth, we can all tell exactly what’s going on.   “So-and-so is right” or “Yeah, I think you should all shut up and do what Officer Blah-blah said” are phrases taken from the Brown-Noser’s Playbook.

Paraphrasing what the raid leader says also seems to be one of your favorite strategies.  I learned how to summarize in 3rd grade, and while this might be  a new skill of yours, it’s pretty plain to me.  It’s like a neon sign that says: “Oooh, ooh, please think I’m smart and important!”  and it’s not working.

And then you fall into the same trap as the previous personality.  You and Know-It-All really seem to enjoy telling everyone how much they suck.  The problem is, I don’t look to you to find out if I’m doinitrite.  You might think that by trying to act like the raid leader you’re helping him out, or you might think that you’re getting respect from the rest of us.  I can pretty much guarantee you that neither is true.

Chill out a little.  Perform well in raids.  Help people with heroics.  Whatever your profession is, donate some of your things to the guild bank.  Be polite.  Be thoughtful.  These are the things that get you noticed in the right way.





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2 responses to “Letters to my Guildies: Kiss My Butt

  1. Capo

    ill vote…only if you


    i need more boomkin ramblings to read while bored at work

    and yeah, being a GM im used to having suckups send me tells all the time, somedays i get so many when i first log in i wanna pull my beautiful hair out

    • battlechicken

      Haha, if I ramble too much, you’ll get tired of me! I am going to post the third installment of my fanfic either tonight or tomorrow, so that’ll be something, at least.

      Yeah, I can’t even imagine what our poor GM goes through on raid nights. Even his long-standing don’t-whisper-me-during-invites gets ignored sometimes.

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