Letters to my Guildies: TNK

We’ve all been the new kid at some point.  We’ve all also been the guy looking at the new kid with that glassy, who-the-heck-are-you-and-how-did-you-get-in-my-kitchen look.  So today’s letter is devoted to all the New Kids out there.  Except the ones on the block; they can stay where they are.

Dear New Kid,

Welcome to our guild!  We certainly enjoy fresh blood, especially when it comes in enthusiastically.  We’re mostly old and cranky raiders, and it’s nice to have someone who is excited about going into Ulduar for the 40 millionth time.

But please understand that while your enthusiasm is welcome, there is a limit to how far it will take you.  We’ve been successfully guilded, raiding, and operating more or less the way we are now for a few years (the guild as a whole is 4 years old, although I’ve only been in for 2).  You…well, you’ve obviously left your own guild for a reason or two.

Please don’t immediately jump in and tell us why our forums need revamping or how to communicate with each other.  Don’t tell us why you think our class or role-based chat channels are unnecessary, and don’t tell us that our strat for such-and-such boss is wrong.

I’m not trying to be mean; you might even have some good points!  But your good points are getting lost in your overwhelming tide of things you want to change. The fact is that what we’re doing is working, and you know the adage about fixing things that aren’t broken.

Instead, sit back.  Spend some time with us.  Watch our strange and sometimes hilarious conversations unfold in guild chat.  Pay attention to directions that are given and follow them.  Stop trying to make things the way you’re used to and try to do things our way for a while.  Then, if you have a suggestion, make it politely, one suggestion at a time.

You may find you like us the way we are, and you might even learn a few things you didn’t know, assuming you realize that you don’t know everything (none of us do, it’s admitting it that’s the catch).

Don’t worry, you’re not the first new member to come in a little overzealous.  I’ll bet for sure you’ll find that by the time you’ve gotten used to us, we’ll have gotten used to you, and we’ll be much more likely to listen to your ideas with a little enthusiasm of our own.




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