With A Bang (Letters to my Guildies)

I took a month off of blogging to spend more time with my family and to play more (and I really enjoyed it), but things have settled down and I’m ready to return.  And I’m starting off with a bang.

I’m starting a series called “Letters to my Guildies.”  Don’t worry, I’m not going to start too much drama (although it would up my readership…).  Most of these won’t be written directly to guild members, but to certain traits or aspects that stick out to me that I think a lot of people can probably relate to. So, here we go, Letter Number 1, written actually to a few people who have apped or whispered asking about what we expect in our guild.

Dear Unexalted,

I know that daily quests suck.  I’m right there with ya, bro.  You think it’s bad now, you should have seen what Dun Niffelem was like 2 weeks into Wrath!  There were times people would steal those stupid little oily whatever-the-hecks right out from under my moonfire.  For weeks I toiled in Storm Peaks for that shoulder enchant.  And get this–that was before you could buy rep with Relics.  I KNOW.  Insane, right?

So you’ll have to pardon my frustration when you say “I just don’t think it’s worth it to get exalted for a measly extra 6 spellpower and 5 crit.”  You don’t think what is worth it?  Being invited to raids?  You realize, of course, that the reason you didn’t get invited to our guild to start with was mostly that line right there.

First of all, if you’re going to try to get into a guild or raid, you should put your best foot forward.  Chances are you’re not as geared as we are, so when we say every little bit helps, we’re trying to help you not be 21st on the damage meter (the holy paladins do better than that).

But more importantly, it shows us that you don’t care about being the best in your class like we do.  We are all fiercely competitive.  The first thing we look at after a boss fight is…well, actually, it’s the loot.  And then after the loot, it’s the damage meters.  We know what it takes to be at the top (apparently I can only tell you how to hover around 10th, except for an awesome Vezax last night), and we know you aren’t going to make it.

If it’s not “worth it” to grind to exalted, or to properly gem and enchant your gear, then it’s definitely not worth it to us to bring you to our raid.

So thank you for your interest, but we’re going to have to pass.





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6 responses to “With A Bang (Letters to my Guildies)

  1. Brad


    Glad you are back blogging, I’ve missed your tales and guides on Durotan adventures. One of these days when I have time to raid hardcore again I’d apply to CCT just because of your blog 🙂

    Welcome back!

  2. battlechicken

    Aw, now that’s a warm welcome back! Thank you! 😀

    There are many more dazzling (and not-so-dazzling) adventures to come, so stay tuned.

    • Brad

      I am currently on the opposite type of break from the one you took, breaking from raiding for awhile and focusing on alts and the simpler things in the game. I have to admit I did have to break that cycle when 3.2.2 came out though and kill Onxyia for old times sake!

      Again, glad you are back, my druid blog roll is ever increasing but I always take time to read your posts. I guess since you play on Durotan it must be something like hometown favoritism!

      My druid’s name is Xanryaan on Durotan, feel free to say hello anytime!

      • battlechicken

        Yeah, Onyxia is good times. Last night we ended a few hours beating on Thorim Hard Mode by heading over to Lady Prestor’s lair. It was a good way to end the raid.

        Durotan has its good and bad traits, but it’s been my server since day 1, and I can’t see myself going anywhere else anytime soon.

        I’ll add you to my friend’s list next time I sign on! 🙂

  3. Capo

    Good points you bring up. WE have alot of people that want to join and get ran thru.

    Great example we did a 25 naxx with some new people and i hadnt seen alot of their gear yet. I was on my DK(who hasnt done any dailys for sholder enchants, im a scribe:) ) and there were alot of people who were doing very poor dps. I was tanking and i was out DPS’n a boomkin and 5 DK’s. I lost a roll on a dps piece to one DK who did 900 dps, so i started to look at gear. I went off on each of them because of the following stuff

    1 Gem your gear, even if its blue gem and enchant it, show me that you want to earn that upgrade not get ran thru
    2 Gem right for your gear. Feral gear gemed with spell power does not make you a boomkin!
    3 Just because its purple, dosnt mean its better. THat has always been one of my biggest problems i over analize gear and i have a few blues i hate to replace because of stats taht fit my build better.
    4 PVP gear is not mean your awsome in raids. Coming into naxx with 500 resl but only doing 1200 dps dosnt mean we want you.
    5 Skill>gear. I have seen people with green weapons do more dmg than people with uldar gear.
    6 When people give you advise, it isnt because we hate you..we are trying to help so dont get ll Internet Gang banger on us
    7 and finaly….if your name has anything other than normal type i dont want you in my raid. LÈẺêroyJêênkins will get you banned. I dont want to have to use odd stuff to put your name in something.
    8 oh yeah one last one, i but if your name is spelled odd, dont get mad if i dont pronounce it right. Its part of the fun, deal with it./

    Good to see u back, missed your views on stuff. I cant wait to see how Boomkins change in Cat. I am half afraid, you see so many of them anymore they will prob nerf them so they can get more fury warriors…grrr

    • battlechicken

      Yeah, I knew a guy who was the ask-for-advice-and-then-get-defensive type. He’d ask someone to look at his enchants or gems, and then when they told him what he should do instead, he’d say that he’s no noob and he looked up this stuff up and this is what it said, yada, yada.

      Good to be back! And I’m looking forward to Cataclysm. I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll give us something really awesome, or at least competitively awesome.

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