A Cataclysmic Announcement

Go ahead and geek out a little, I did. Better?

There are a lot of cool things coming out of Blizzcon, and some I’m either neutral or dubious about. I’m super excited about the new zones, and changing the face of Azeroth, particularly from the lore point of view.  Ragnaros returning and Deathwing emerging from deep within Azeroth? Rock on.

Only thing I’m not sure about right now is the change to stats.  No more spell power (intellect will now serve this purpose) and Spirit will be the only mana regen stat.  For you meleers, no more attack power on items; instead, it will come from agility or strength, depending on your class.  In other words, the right side of your stat display is going to disappear, and only Intellect, Stamina, Spirit, Strength, and Armor will matter.

I don’t know; it just doesn’t sound as impressive to say “I have 3000 Intellect!”  Maybe it will be awesome, but it feels almost too simplistic to me.

I’ll have more reactions, I’m sure, but it’s late.

For all the interesting news, I highly recommend a jaunt over to WoW.com.  Between them and the live stream, I haven’t missed much.

I really want to know how other people are reacting to these things.  What’s your favorite announcement so far?  Least favorite?  Tell me what you think!



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2 responses to “A Cataclysmic Announcement

  1. Yep, “feels almost too simplistic” is right on the mark for me too. We’ve gone from spell type bonuses (eg, of Arcane Wrath) and separate healing and damage values — to no distinction between healing and damage or spell types — to no values on items at all.

    I’d like to hear the argument for dumbing this stuff down when you have to be a regular theorycrafter (and they encourage it) to raid with a well progressed guild. Might as well spin off another type of server, the casual, nontheorycrafted server.

    • battlechicken

      Yeah, I mean, I like the direction they’re going with the Mastery and Path of the Titans, and certainly the gear can be a little complicated, but they could scale it back without doing away with it entirely. I don’t know, maybe I just don’t do change well. lol.

      I’ve only gotten the hang of picking and choosing dps gear, and now they’re going to go and switch it all up on me!

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