NEW 6/10 – Update on Game Fuel Promo

A month or so ago I tacked information about the Mountain Dew Game Fuel Promotion onto the end of a post, and I’m pleased to announce that they have finally handed out our Battle-Bots.  The fuel is apparently a daily reward (that makes sense; they need you to come back for more), but based on the in-game mail that accompanies the Battle-Bot Ignition Key, battle-bots with different-colored fuels (red and blue) will fight.  Looking forward to seeing that live.

I didn’t expect to win anything; I really just wanted my Battle-Bot, so here it is:

Botty & I kick it in Dalaran

Botty & I kick it in Dalaran

There are still prizes being drawn daily, including an Alienware notebook, though the odds of winning anything big seem pretty low when you consider how many people are putting in for it.  But what the heck?  The only investment is time, so I’ll keep entering until it’s over.

Would’ve liked those Blizzcon tickets, though.

UPDATE:  I was right, my husband and I were able to pick up fuel for our battle-bots today (go to the site and redeem it in the same place you redeemed your pet); he got red and I got blue, and our bots fought each other in front of the Eventide in Dalaran.  His bot – 2, my bot -3…tbc.


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