Heroic Ulduar: Mimiron

Make sure you have your game sound turned up for this fight.  Mimiron cracks me up as he explains his VO-L7R-ON system; clever little gnome.

Mimiron Trash

You wouldn’t stand on a bomb, would you?  Good, don’t do it here either.  For ranged dps it’s pretty easy.  Stand back and pop off marked targets and AoE when necessary.  There are assault vehicles that turn friendly when low on health, and raiders can and should jump into them.  Heal up the vehicles, because as you progress through the trash, you’ll need them to jump into packs of trash to blow up the bombs and stun the mobs.  Yours truly jumped into one this past week on 10-man, and the picture was priceless (check out our buddy Savante from Torn Empire on Durotan planting a garden under my bot!):

My bumper sticker says PWNKIN.

My bumper sticker says PWNKIN.

Once you’ve cleared the trash, you’ll get to ride on the tram.  That’s right, there’s a tram, and it’s cool.  Just make sure no one pushes the button until everyone is safely on board.  Take the tram to the Spark of Imagination, and from this point on you’ll have a portal there.  Play Frogger 2.0 through the bombs running around Mimiron’s room (they aggro, so don’t assume skirting behind them is safe like in Naxx; look for a nice, wide opening lest you become the target of someone’s rez macro).

The Diagram

After having a good chuckle over my Kologarn diagram, my husband told me that I couldn’t possibly do a diagram encapsulating Mimiron.  He was wrong.



In case that’s not enough info, here’s a more detailed account:

Mimiron Phase 1: The Leviathan

For this phase, spread your raid out around the room.  There are three “pie slices” if you will, and everyone should be spread out about equidistant from the boss, with healers in each slice.  Spread out so you’re about 10 yards from the nearest raiders (melee don’t count, they’ll be running in and out the whole time).  For us, this is one of the two easiest phases.  Melee will be running from Shock Blasts and avoiding mines, and tanks and healers will be blowing cooldowns to mitigate Plasma Blast.  For us, we stand still and dps  (tough, right?).  There are Napalm Shells to worry about, but our healers found it much easier to heal us if we just stood still through it instead of potentially running out of range.  Assuming the tanks survive, this will go quickly and you’ll be moving on to Phase 2 easily.

pewpew lzrsPhase 2: It’s All About the Pew Pew

During this phase, Mimiron will jump into a     stationary robot with big guns (no exaggeration).  For dps, this fight is knowing about when to move and when to stand still.  If you are targeted by the single fire gun, stand still.  This works like eye beams (sort of), and if you run you’re going to rain gunfire upon your friends.  It’s not a good way to keep them.

However, when P3Wx2 Laser Barrage starts (since you’re obviously raiding with an announcement mod…we’ve been over this), you should get a big smack in the face to tell you that he’s spinning up.  Whichever direction his cannon is facing when he stops for the spin up is where the barrage will start.  It will travel in a clockwise motion around the room.  If you are caught in it, you will die, so you and your neighbors in that slice of pie need to find a way out before he starts firing.

And finally, fellow moonkin, what do we do when a big red target of light centers on us?  Take three steps forward so the rocket blows up behind you instead of on your head.  No one wants to gather all your feathers.

Phase 3:  Use Your Noggin

When his guns stop blazing, Mimiron jumps into the head of his system…and I do mean head.  He comes back piloting a mechanical gnome head and releases waves of bots.  Our strat is fairly simple for ranged dps.  All of the ranged dps clumps up right in front of the entrance, with our head tank (usually a hunter) standing a few yards in front of us to guarantee aggro, and we do nothing but attack the head.  To our right, one tank collects Junk Bots.  To our left, another tank or two and melee work on the assault bots and bombs, with a melee dps (usually a rogue) keeping an eye out for the magnetic core and using it.  Once the head dies, we clean up the adds and move onto the final phase.

Phase 4: Put it All Together Now

In phase 4, Mimiron’s VO-L7R-ON bot becomes a complete unit, with each component at 50% health.  The phase 1 Leviathan no longer drops napalms, thank goodness, but still does Shock Blast.  The phase 2 Pew continues, but without the single-target guns.  The head continues to throw plasma balls at the closest and highest target on its aggro table, but no longer summons bots.

Go back to where you were for Phases 1 and 2, but be aware:  now the Laser Barrage is a little trickier.  For one thing, it’s on a movable platform, so if someone accidentally pulls aggro right before spinning up starts, you might have to recalculate where you’re headed.  Avoid rockets and barrage, and watch each segment’s health.  They all need to go down at the same time, so we usually assign groups to each segment and then shift dpsers to different targets as needed until Mimiron wakes up from Yogg’s daydream and stops trying to kill us.

There ya go.  Walking in there the first time is intimidating, considering all the chaos in the room, but you’ll get the hang of it and be moving onto Vezax before you know it.



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5 responses to “Heroic Ulduar: Mimiron

  1. Great diagram….will be a cake walk for me now lol

  2. Grats on the kill. Mimiron is currently what we have been working on, I believe we’ve spent a total of 4 hours on him.

    Most of our raid seems to keep dying in Phase 2 or 4, and to the most stupid things that it gets frustrating!


    • battlechicken

      We had the same problem. If people are going to panic, those are the stages when it’s going to happen. Get everyone to remain calm and do what they’re supposed to, and y’all will have it in the bag.

      We started working on Yogg full time last week, and let me tell ya, when things are difficult, EVERYONE has a strat…lol.

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