New Tauren Cat Form Released! is following it on their site, but for a shorter, straight to the evidence approach, BAM:

Rawr, Taurens!

Rawr, Taurens!



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7 responses to “New Tauren Cat Form Released!

  1. Capo

    freaking awsome!

    i know which one i want!

  2. Capo

    bottom left is awsome, and my choice!

    Top right is sick too

    when are we getting these?

    • battlechicken

      Patch 3.2, whenever that is. There’s speculation that we’ll see 3.2 roll out faster than 3.1 did, but we’ll see.

      Still crossing my fingers that maybe 3.2.1 will have some moonkin skins…

      • Capo

        yeah i was thinking about how to change moonkin form. For the most part i am very happy with the tauren moonkin..but some bigger horns wouldnt be bad, like horns that are almost as high as half my body, or have glowy patches of death on my moonkin belly….

  3. Miza

    I am still not happy. I want a female lion to my female druid.

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