Leave My Forums Alone, Part 2

Since this has already been reported and will soon be deleted, I just copied and pasted from this link:

Someone decided it would be funny to report any thread on Durotan that wasn’t directly related to Warcraft.
After all the years of not deleting even the worst racist and harassing posts Blizzard now will delete almost any post reported except guild recruitment.

We even had a “goodbye”; post deleted.

For a sample of what’s no longer allowed in realm forums; a quote below from the Customer Service forum yesterday:

Q u o t e:
This morning, a new thread came across the ysera realm forums about a player who’s child died last night. It wasn’t a troll/joke/etc thread.

The person was posting to the ysera community at large, indicating they’d be out of game for an unknown amount of time, since they were social with a number of people from different guilds. The thread was deleted at some point this afternoon.

Someone thought including the name of the child may have gotten the thread deleted so she re-posted it with no personal information – it was immediately deleted again, this time all other threads and posts from the person disappeared.

So I guess my complaints about poetry and links to comics being deleted pail in comparison.


(Posted by Tomten, Durotan-US)

I don’t have anything to say to this; it speaks for itself.

Fail, Blizzard.

On that note, if you’re a displaced WoW Forum Person, especially those from Durotan, check out our experimental new forum.


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