Heroic Ulduar: Hodir

Ah, Hodir.  My worst fight turned one of my best. I’m very fond of this boss; the fights I struggle to master are usually among my favorites.

Hodir’s Trash

Though Hodir is one of my favorite Ulduar boss fights, his trash is on my least favorite list.  It takes a while, and I’ll admit, I’ve been spoiled to the limited amount of trash up to this point in Ulduar.  Like Freya, there are three types of trash:

Champion of Hodir’s main issue for us is randomly targetted frost breath, which deep freezes players caught in the cone for a few seconds.  Tanks need to make sure they pull him away from any nearby mounds of snow and healers…well, just keep healing whack-a-noob style.  For us, it’s an easy single target dps.

Jormungar Packs pop out of snow mounds on the side of each wall on the way to Hodir.  Avoid the snow.  Your tanks will run up and pull each pack as they’re ready for it.  Aoe these guys down; quick Hurricane and it’s over.  There are quite a few of these mounds, though; and you’ll get pretty darn tired of the big ugly worms before you see Hodir.

Revenant/Elemental Packs pat throughout, and if you read my Freya strat, you’ll notice these are remarkably similar to the packs of flowers.  Kill the revenant first (you can’t miss him, he’s big) and then aoe down the elementals.


I could drone on about the abilities (there are several), but let me make this my easiest strat yet and just give you The Rules.  They are:

1.  Move.  I cannot stress this enough.  Think back to the Nexus and the debuff that makes you take damage when you’re standing still.  Multiply that by 10.  Biting Cold will certainly kill you if you stand still.  What I do is cast -> strafe -> cast -> strafe for most of the fight and refreshing DoTs as needed.

2.  Don’t Stand in Blue Circles.  Really.  Don’t.  Your healers have a hella lot to do in this fight, so give them a freaking break and don’t be a noob.  Make sure Projected Textures is turned on in your Video -> Effects options.  Then, when you see a small blue circle on the ground, move.  If you don’t, icicles are going to fall on your head, and you deserve it.

Icicle Circle

3.  Surf the Snowdrift.  You’ll get DBM warning you that Flash Freeze is coming up.  Start looking for bigger versions of the little blue circles.  Get near them, but not on top of them, as icicles will fall from them just like their smaller cousins.  As soon as the icicles crash, it will turn into a snowdrift.  Get on it.  If you don’t, you’ll turn into an ice tomb, which brings me to number 4.

4.  Cool Friends.  There are 8 very helpful NPCs (including moonkin!) trapped in ice tombs at the beginning of the fight.  Free them first, especially the mages (you can find them by doing /target Missy or /target Sissy–insert your own mage joke here).  They will get retombed every time Flash Freeze occurs, so focus on getting all of the ice tombs opened.  It’s also possible for raid members who don’t make it to a snowdrift to get tombed.  Make them priority.

5.  Bonfires, Light Beams, and Storm Clouds, oh my! Standing near a bonfire (look on the ground, I promise they are there in all the chaos) removes Biting Cold, allowing you to stand still for a little while and cast.  However, they’re hot and melt the ceiling (no, I’m not kidding), so watch for blue circles to appear where you’re standing and move.  Beams of light increase your haste, but you can’t stand still in them, so do a shuffle in the light.  Storm Cloud is an ability that the NPC shaman casts on raiders; it causes you to turn sparkly blue and increases the critical strike percent by 135% to six people around you, so when you start sparking, run headlong into some nearby dps.

6.  Frozen Blows.  I know I say this in almost every strat, but it doesn’t make it any less important.  Maybe it’s the former healer in me coming out, but please, please, PLEASE watch your health.  Frozen blows increases all damage done to raiders by 50%, and your poor healers will be losing their minds trying to keep everyone alive.  Healthstone, pot, bandage (good luck with that), Lifeblood–whatever you can do to help is warranted.

If you can manage all of that and keep a big chunk of your raid and the tank alive, you win, and you’ll probably need a nap.

Easy Achievement Alert:  If you see the chance to stand near a fire and in a light beam at the same time, do it.  You’ll get Heroic: Staying Buffed All Winter.  A lot of us got this our first or second kill without even realizing we were doing it.


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