Heroic Ulduar: Freya

Freya is probably my least favorite of the four keeper bosses.  I know that’s blasphemy, being a druid, but it’s true.  I like the fight okay, it’s just not my favorite because it’s very random and chaotic.


There are three different packs of trash throughout the conservatory.  The first is a hapless assortment of trees, flowers, and a lone dragonkin.  There are two ways to handle this; on your first runthrough, I’d suggest CCing what you can and picking them off individually.  We’ve only started aoeing these packs in the past week.

The second pack is a big flower surrounded by little flowers.  This is standard Blizzard MO:  kill the big guy then aoe the little guys.  The third pack is a Crystalline Keeper and a big tree dude.  Why do I mention the keeper by name?  Because she’s a healer and you need to kill her first.

Mini Bosses

The Conservatory is set up in the now-familiar Obsidian Sanctum fashion.  There are 3 minibosses; keeping 1, 2, or 3 of them up leads to better loot.

1.  Elder Stonebark’s main impact for ranged is his Ground Tremor.  It’s just like Ignis’s Flame Jets:  if you are casting when he finishes casting Ground Tremor, you will be locked out of whichever spell school in which you were casting.  So don’t be casting during Ground Tremor.  He also has an ability called Fists of Stone that can one-shot a tank, so I imagine (haven’t asked our tanks how they do it) you would either taunt and kite the boss away from the main tank when he acquires the ability or burn cooldowns.

2.  Elder Ironbranch has two main abilities to be aware of, and both are casted on randomly targetted raid members; no one’s safe from this guy.  The most important for us is Iron Roots.  He roots a few raid members at a time, but unlike our roots, his can be targetted and killed, and should be.  I usually just tab to the nearest one and start pew-pewing, but if you’re having trouble targetting them, a simple /target Iron Roots macro should suffice.  The other ability is Impale, a DoT that must be healed through.  Watch your health; I’ve died to Impale from not paying attention before.

Gaaah!  Im Rooted!

Gaaah! I'm Rooted!

3.  Elder Brightleaf is by far the easiest.  He casts beams of light that heal him if you stand in them, so don’t.  He also does Solar Flare, which from what I can tell is his version of moonfire.  It hits for a lot more than any of our moonfires, though; so healers will need to keep people topped off.


You can say hi to Freya when you walk up, but for the first half of the encounter, you’re basically going to ignore her completely.  She is unkillable until her waves of adds are killed (you can dps her, but because of her buff, she cannot die).

But the first thing you need to know about is the Lifebinder’s Gift.  It’s not a gift for you, that’s for sure.  Throughout all parts of the encounter, a tree will sprout in a green light.  The placement is random, so as soon as someone sees it, we call it.  This tree heals her and her allies, so kill it immediately.

Now, there are three kinds of add waves that spawn randomly, two times a piece:

Ancient Conservator is a giant tree that looks a lot like the miniboss elders.  A tank picks him up, but dps needs to know one primary thing:  if you aren’t standing under one of the mushrooms that sprout while he’s alive, you will be silenced.  I don’t mean occasionally silenced, I mean that standing under a mushroom is the only way to cast.  Stay under mushrooms so you can dps him down.

Occasionally, while this boss is up, raid members will get a debuff called Nature’s Fury.  It turns you into your very own personal lightning rod that hurts anyone standing near you, so move.  DBM puts a big skull on your head.  That’s a BIG hint.

Detonating Lashers are flowers that do exactly what they sound like they should.  When they die, they blow up.  One lasher blowing up near you won’t kill you, but any more than that and your healers are going to excommunicate you.  The past few attempts, we’ve been aoeing them down to around a quarter health and then spreading out so we don’t get blown up by a whole bunch of lashers dying at once.   If you get aggro (and you will), kite the one (or several) on you around.  Keep tab targetting through them until they’re all dead.

Bad Flower, No Sunlight!

Bad Flower, No Sunlight!

Elemental Pack sucks.  Three adds:  Storm Lasher, Ancient Water Spirit, and Snaplasher.  They have to die at the same time, and they all do different and equally painful abilities.  Storm Lasher and Water Spirit need to be dpsed down to about 20% (then STOP, for crying out loud!).  DO NOT ATTACK SNAPLASHER UNTIL THESE TWO ARE AT 20%.  Is that clear?  Everyone?  Snaplasher gets a stacking buff for all the damage done to it, making it impossible to tank for very long if it’s being attacked.  Get the two others down to a nice low number, then have the tank that’s on the Snaplasher start kiting it backwards while dps gets on it.  It is stunnable and snareable, so slow it down to keep it from one shotting the tank as the buff stacks.  We usually have a paladin or two stunning it as it’s kited.  Kill the Snaplasher, and go back to the other two as quickly as possible.  DoTs should have ticked them down to 15% or so, so wear them out and quickly.

If you leave any of them alive too long, the ones that are dead will respawn, and at that point you might as well wipe.

After you’ve seen each of those packs two times (but not consecutively, necessarily), the tank that has been banging on Freya the whole time you’ve been dealing with her friends needs to begin kiting her around as dps starts on her.  She will throw down seed pods that blow up and have a vicious knockback.  You all know the drill by now–don’t stand near seed pods.

Keep enough people alive and execute all of that correctly, and you’ll be looting some epics along with the Alchemist’s Cache, which I have yet to win on a 25-man run.


On an unrelated note, I need some help from you experienced WordPress bloggers.  Several people have mentioned that my layout leaves a lot to be desired (I don’t disagree), so I have been trying to make my own layout with a personal header.  I’m very fiercely trying to avoid writing the CSS myself, so I’ve been hitting up layout builder websites.  None of them seem to work properly.

Suggestions?  If I can’t get a personal layout, I’ll be switching to a better WordPress layout that at least makes the title of the blog readable.

Thanks in advance!


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