UPDATED 5/27/09 Emergency Post: NEW DRUID FORMSPD

Well, Feral brothers and sisters, your wait is almost over.  New druid bear and cat forms will be released in the next major content patch.  I know, I peed my pants a bit, too.

I wonder what’s coming for the rest of us…

For those of you who can’t get access to the forum link for one reason or another 😉 here is the picture released for the incoming tauren bear.  Taruen cat & night elf cat and bear will be released separately.



5/27/09 UPDATE: Night Elf Bear forms revealed:

I like the white and the black ones.




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5 responses to “UPDATED 5/27/09 Emergency Post: NEW DRUID FORMSPD

  1. Capo

    what kind of new forms????

    i cant read link, silly work blocks!


    • battlechicken

      Hang on, and I’ll update the post with a picture. They’re redoing bear and cat form for both factions, but so far they’ve only revealed the tauren bear models.

  2. Capo

    well that is because the “TRUE” druid is a tauren;)

    i like this idea, altho im never in bear unless i need a quick boost in pvp

    altho my off spec is kitty for doing my low level loremaster stuff, so that might be neat, i always liked the Panther over the lion look

  3. WTB new and improved moonkin form, 5g, pst. 😛


    • battlechicken

      I know this is really naive, but I am hoping that this means moonkin and tree changes are coming soon.

      I crossed all of my feathers, I swear it!

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