Heroic Ulduar: Auriaya

I will be honest; this is the fight I understand the least.  I never read the strat (shame on me!), and just kind of learned as I went.  I’ll have to back up my info with strat info, but I’m still going to stick to ranged dps; that part I know pretty well.

The Trash

Very simple, but needs a little explanation.  Basically, there are two Keepers, and you need to pull them to two separate tanks.  Put distance between them, because they spawn orbs that travel back and forth, and for each orb that reaches them, they hit harder.  DPS needs to kill the orb before it reaches its destination.  When the orbs aren’t up, dps the Keepers.  Done.

The Pull

Auriaya, affectionately known as Crazy Cat Lady, pats around the Keepers’ ring.  All of the raid clusters up in the corner (this is to the left of the stairs you just came down when you’re facing the stairs).  We pull her with either a DK’s Death and Decay, which he puts down in the last ring in which she pats and then runs back to the rest of the raid, or a hunter’s snake trap, which he lays down in the same spot before running back to the raid.  This forces her to come to us, and that’s a good thing.

The Cats

Someone needs to mark the cats that pat with her for kill order.  You can’t let them hang out together when you’re trying to kill them because they buff each other too much.  Have one tank on Auriaya, and make sure she’s facing the raid.  Have another tanking the cats you’re not killing off to the side, and have another pull the cats one at a time over to the raid to be killed.  Kill all the cats, then start dpsing Auriaya.

In addition to the cats that pat with her, she summons a Feral Defender.  When you kill the Feral Defender, he leaves a void zone in the floor where he dies.  For this reason, try not to kill him.  Chances are he’ll eventually die from someone’s AoE (like mage’s living bomb), but I avoid Starfall in this fight just to be on the safe side.  He basically runs around hitting people, and it hurts.  If he’s low on health, someone needs to call it out.  Pay attention to where he dies and get out of the big black hole on the floor.  Easy peasy.


Stand in front of her.  Please, please, watch the way her feet turn and make sure you are directly in front of her.  She fears, so tremor totem is awesome, especially for a healer group.  As soon as the fear is over, come right back over and stand in front of her.  Why?  She does a Sonic Screech in a cone in front of her, but the Shockwave damage it creates is split among the targets in the cone.  If you tried to kill her by standing behind her, the tank would be one shot when he received the full blast of the Shockwave.  With most of the 25 people in front of her, it’s damage that is easily healed through.

That’s it.  The whole fight.  It sounds really easy, but the pull alone took us quite a few attempts, so don’t get discouraged if it takes some practice.  Kill her and get ready for my four favorite bosses in the instance so far.

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