Heroic Ulduar: Assembly of Iron

Finally approaching the end of the strats I can do until we kill Mimiron, so I want to go ahead and press forward.  Today’s jerks?  The Assembly of Iron, or Iron Council.

This fight is mostly about positioning and reacting (wait, aren’t most like that?).  If you’re doing this on non-hard mode, kill them in this order:

First: Steelbreaker

There needs to be a tank on each boss (there are 3) and a healer on each tank (similar to Karathress, but not nearly as complicated) in separate corners of the room.

Steelbreaker hits for a lot, but thankfully as ranged dps, we don’t care as long as the tank and healers manage to muddle through it okay.  Take note, though: a priest or pally needs to keep an eye on Steelbreaker’s Fusion Punch and dispell or cleanse it as soon as possible.  An uncleansed Fusion Punch will lead to a dead tank and a raid wipe.

Also, until the Runemaster is killed, tanks will have to watch for blue runes to appear on the ground underneath the bosses and kite them out as they increase the damage of whoever is standing in them.

Did you catch that?  The blue runes increase the damage of whoever is standing in them.  When the tank kites Steelbreaker off of the blue runes, jump into them for some sweet burst damage.

Kill Steelbreaker, and move onto the Runemaster.

Second: Runemaster Molegeim

This is a repeat of phase 1 with one primary change: Death Runes.  In addition to the blue Runes of Power, Runemaster will now throw down big, glowy green runes.  These runes are unmistakable, and even if you did miss it, DBM will flash in your face.  Heed the warning and move; they’re called death runes, not happy rainbow bunny runes.

Third: Stormcaller Brundir

Runes and dispells are a thing of 3 seconds ago once Runemaster dies.  Now you need to focus on avoiding anything that looks like lightning.  Stormcaller does four very painful things that can easily kill complacent ranged DPS, so wake up here.

Overload isn’t so bad for us.  Stay at max range and you won’t even have to move.  Any closer than that, and you’d better run when he starts Overloading, because he’ll hit anything within 30 yards with about 25000 damage and knockback.  There is no reason for any moonkin to be close enough to experience this, so don’t.

Chain Lightning.  It’s like that shaman buddy of yours, only it hits a lot harder and it’s not working in your favor.  Be kind to your neighbors; spread out.

Lightning Whirl.  If this isn’t interrupted it’s going to hurt a little, but not for long.  He basically spins around in a whirlwind and throws random lightning at people for about 7500 damage.  It’s pretty, but it hurts, so keep an eye on your health.

*Lightning Tendrils* You might think the asterisks are excessive, but pay attention here.  When Stormcaller raises up on spider-like lightning tendrils, get away from him.  He targets random players and follows them around the room.  Walking backwards will not suffice if you’re near him.  Turn around and run your feathery little tail away from the big electrocuted dwarf.  Anyone caught in Lightning Tendrils will suffer 3-5k damage per second, and especially if you’ve taken any damage from Chain Lightning or Lightning Whirl, this could be the death of you.

Easy Achievement Alert:  Get an Iron Boot Flask from Frosthold (purchased with Relics of Ulduar) and carry it with you to this fight.  Don’t drink it at the beginning–you cannot be in moonkin and Dark Iron form at the same time, plus it has a 1 hour cooldown, so if you wipe, you miss the achievement until your next raid.  When Stormcaller is under 1 million health and victory is all but assured, drink the flask, and TA DA:  Heroic: But I’m On Your Side.


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4 responses to “Heroic Ulduar: Assembly of Iron

  1. Capo

    ” not happy rainbow bunny runes.”

    I would actualy be more afraid of those….

    • battlechicken

      Yeah, I don’t think I followed through on the conceptualization of Happy Rainbow Bunny Runes, but they might be equally frightening. OMG IT’S THE BUNNY AHHHHHH!

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