Heroic Ulduar: Kologarn

Kologarn is a simple fight with a lot of room for error.  If you walk in there with a death wish, you can easily make it happen.  Once you put the pieces together and pull off the execution, though; it turns into a cake fight.  Plus, once you have it on farm, you can have a good chuckle and all the people who stood in eye beams.

Quick Antechamber Trash Advice


Kologarn stands at the top of the stairs in the Antechamber.  Since everyone seems to need trash strats, the primary things you need to know to get through the Antechamber are: first, that CC is your friend (sheep humanoids, banish elementals), and second, that Chamber Overseers need to be pulled one at a time and the raid needs to clump on them, as they’ll jump onto anyone out of range.


(How do you like my diagram?  Pretty saucy, eh?)

When you get to Kologarn, walk into his space enough to make him appear (he’ll pop out of the ground to stop you from getting to the keepers).  Spread out in a staggered way, so that no two people are lined up, and for heaven’s sake, don’t stand on the walls.

Kologarn has a few notable abilities for us ranged folks.  The first is Stone Grip.  He will grab a few people in his Right Arm and threaten to kill them.  For this reason, whenever the Right Arm is up (it’s targetable), dps should be on it.  If you get it killed in time, no one will die from Grip, and that’s a good thing.

The other is Focused Eye Beam.  This will kill you and your closest friends if you’re not careful.  Watch for the big, unmistakable blue-green beams that will start on either side of you, merge into one, and then chase you wherever you go.  Because they will chase you wherever you go, as soon as you see them centering on you, turn and run straight back.  If everyone is staggered the way they’re supposed to be, there should be no one directly behind you.  If there is a wall behind you, run straight to the wall, then follow it out to the stairs.  Keep going until it disappears.  Once it’s gone, you can return to your spot and continue what you were doing.  If you fail to move, you will die in the eyebeam.  If you run this over people you will kill them.  This is where there is much opportunity for fail, so pay attention.

When his Right Arm dies, he will spawn adds called Rubble.  These need to be tanked (they HURT) and AoE’d, and they need to die quickly, so as soon as the tank has aggro, go nuts.  Starfall + Hurricane ftw (just don’t Starfall before the tank has aggro.  Trust me on this).

Summary: kill the Right Arm when it’s up, kill the adds when they’re up.  When neither of those is up, DPS Kologarn.  Run from eyebeams without running people over.  Collect loot.

cctvkolo copy

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