Heroic Ulduar: Ignis the Furnace Master

I’ve struggled with whether or not to do more strats.  It seems like everyone out there has one, and it certainly takes a lot of time to think about and share each aspect of a fight.

But it’s one of the most used resources on my blog.  So today, we return to how Amber tries not to wipe the raid; aka: Ulduar strats.  However, I’m going to depart from the Bosskillers-type format and go back to just telling you how and why we do what we do.

Ignis can be a real pain if you don’t know what you’re doing.  He was one of the bosses we actually spent some time learning both in the 25-man and 10-man versions.  Before I go into Ignis himself, let me refer you back to my post about Ignis trash.  A lot of it is still true.

We do kill the Molten Colossi, but there are two things you should know: first of all, they hit hard.  Secondly, they do a smash that silences, so pay attention to your casting and your health, and thirdly (is that a word?  really?), they place an everburning ember in your raid that will jump from person to person ticking for about 1850 or so for a few seconds before jumping to someone else.  Stick to your healers, folks, and as soon as you can safely jump into the water in Ignis’s room, your whole raid needs to get in there.  Go swimming together; it will be a bonding experience.  Just make sure everyone is clothed before you complete your clear.

I stick by my strategy for killing the Ragers.  Spread out, dps them separately (we put room between them to differentiate between cyclones), run from cyclones, don’t run cyclones into other people.  This is not a gift you want to share with your friends, and they will not appreciate it.  Trust me on this one.  We single target the Constructs, as well.

As for Ignis, there are some things you need to be completely aware of.  They are, in order of importance (to caster dps):

1.  Flame Jets.  If you’re using Deadly Boss Mods (you are, right?  RIGHT?!), you should get a BIG FAT DON’T IGNORE ME blue warning on your screen when he’s casting Flame Jets.  If you are not good at timing yourself and your spells, you need to stop casting the minute you see that warning.  When he gets to the end of the cast, he will toss a whole bunch of people into the air, and if you’re casting when it happens, you’ll regret it.  Instant cast is still fine.  But if you’re casting a Starfire when Flame Jets hits, all of your arcane spells will be useless, so there goes your Eclipse.  I usually get off my last cast before it hits by watching his cast bar, refresh DoTs as needed while I’m in the air, and continue once I hit the ground.

2.  Adds.  Intermittently, Ignis will call forth constructs.  They are usually kited to and snared in fire patches until they become molten.  Once molten, they are kited to the water and can be one-shotted.  Be aware of this; druids: you could be asked to root the adds in the fire, or you may be placed on water duty, which basically means being aware of where the tanks are dragging the adds and being ready to kill them when they hit the water.

3.  The Slag Pot.  Ignis will randomly pick up raid members and throw them into a phallic-looking molten pouch at his crotch.  It hurts a lot.  Remember when you were a noob druid, and you would switch roles spontaneously when you felt like it halfway through an instance?  Well, time to get in touch with your inner noob.  Should your healers be able to heal you?  Of course, but you can only cast self-targeted spells while you’re in the pot, so you might as well keep a healy button on your bar and use it when you’re in there.  Your healers will appreciate it, I promise.

That’s basically the fight.  DPS Ignis, don’t cast during Flame Jets (this caused a lot of wipes with healers getting silenced the first few times), deal with the adds as needed, stay alive, and win.

Oh yes, and there’s one more piece of business.  If you didn’t know about Mountain Dew Game Fuel, let me be the first to let you in on the plan.  To celebrate the release (or re-release?) of Game Fuel, PepsiCo/MtnDew is hosting an online contest.  Sign up, choose your faction, do “dailies” (which include things like watching WoW cinematics on their site and clicking through Pepsi’s product info), and earn tokens.  Some of the prizes are pretty hot, like an all-inclusive trip to Blizzcon and a hot gaming mouse.  Oh yeah, and you get a free pet for signing up.

Good luck!



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2 responses to “Heroic Ulduar: Ignis the Furnace Master

  1. Capo

    lol game fuel dailys

    that stuff isnt half bad, with vodka;)

    • battlechicken

      Yeah, I think it’s pretty funny that we have “dailies,” but I’m willing to click links if it gets me something!

      I’ve never tried Game Fuel. I’m a diet soda drinker, and regular soda tastes like molasses to me.

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