What a Long, Strange Week It’s Been

I didn’t suddenly disappear off the side of the world…of Warcraft (not that I didn’t consider it), nor have I forgotten about my favorite Battle Chickens.

I have, however; had a ridiculously ridiculous week.  Amidst the chaos, CCT managed to crush Kologarn and turn Auriaya into cat food and I received the titles Ambermist of Gnomeregan, Ambassador Ambermist, and Ambermist the Noble.    However, Real Life distractions kept me or my favorite mage from being part of the first Ignis kill, thanks to a broken air conditioning during the hottest week of the year so far and a very ill child with a UTI turned bladder infection and the accompanying doctor’s bill.

Good luck on your Noblegarden & Children’s Week achievements, and I’ll try to update again soon.


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