Heroic Ulduar: Flame Leviathan

Walking into Ulduar last night felt good. I was really excited; it felt like a real raid for the first time in ages, complete with an erroneous wipe when people stepped beyond the border while we were finalizing raid spots. “RUN” got raid warning spammed about 4 times by anyone who had assist, and people still died, including our poor GM, who had gone afk to get his kids in bed. Of course it was a paladin who invited the mobs. Traitor.

Now for the first kill…

Flame Leviathan:


I’ll be honest, aside from reading the strat and somewhat acknowledging it, I really didn’t have a clue rolling into this crazy battle.  Here’s what I learned:

What to Attack

  • Pyrite barrells falling from the sky – basically, big blue and black barrells on parachutes.
  • Enemy air support.  Easily spotted, these guys clump up and shoot at the raid in big white strings of fire.
  • Dark Rune anything.  Seriously.
  • Pillars

What to Attack With

  • Demolishers are vehicles that do a lot of damage.  There are two passengers: a driver and a gunner.  For trash, the gunner should be using their Anti-Aircraft (number 2) to bring down attacking air fighters and pyrite barrells.  The gunner should also be watching the pyrite bar (a blue vertical gauge to the right of your vehicle abilities) and grab pyrite barrells as needed.  To grab a pyrite barrell, click on it on the ground and hit 3.  Drivers make sure to heal when you pass a healing port (someone should call this on vent; things like this are super easy to miss in the chaos) and attack by igniting oil slicks with the number 1 Hurl Boulder ability and doing base damage with the number 2 Hurl Pyrite Barrell ability, keeping in mind that hurling pyrite causes you to have to keep a steady flow picking them up.
  • Siege vehicles are going to be using their knockback and spell interrupt abilities during this time.
  • Choppers will be using Sonic Horn (l o l) for damage and Tar to slow enemies down.

I did the trash as a gunner on a Demolisher, and I’ll tell you, the Anti-Aircraft can be tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it’s solid.  Grabbing pyrite barrells is simple; if you need one, just tell your driver where to go to get you close to one.  No one died on trash; it’s pretty simple, just fight your way through it.  I think the trash’s main function is to teach you about the vehicles.


Flame Leviathan is a big tank.  He’s got lots of turrets and the front will eat you to pieces, so don’t get near it.

He randomly targets sieges (and demolishers, as we discovered) and pursues them.  You’ll get a warning that he’s switching targets, and if you’re a driver, you need to be quick to kite him.  Demolisher gunners can use a speed boost, but it takes up pyrite, so make sure you replenish when you’re done.  During this time, choppers should be laying oil slicks in front of Leviathan to slow him down, and if you’re kiting, try to run him over the slicks.

During the encounter, healers and dps need to be launched up onto the top of Leviathan to attack his turrets.  Coordinate this beforehand, as you’ll want to think carefully about who you’re sending up there on the first launch.  For us, our first launch was a holy paladin and an elemental (I think) shaman.  As they were ejected, we had one chopper driver whose only job was to go pick them up.  Note to launchers:  you will not automatically be picked up by the chopper, you must click it!  Demolishers launch, so make sure the people you want launched are in the gunner seat on demolishers.  When their launch is called, they’ll need to load themselves into the canon (there’s a button for this, it’s pretty obvious).  Once they’re loaded, their driver needs to aim for the top of Leviathan and hit the launch button.  Once there, attack the turrets!

When all the turrets are down, demolishers need to start throwing pyrite barrells, so gunners, make sure you’ve been shooting down barrells and are well-stocked before this time.

That’s all you really need to know.  We wiped twice, but totally dominated the third time.

I’ll be back soon with our Razorscale encounter, which took significantly more attempts.

Note:  This is the strat we uh…tried to follow.  We tend to adapt these things.  Stratfu: Flame Leviathan.



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2 responses to “Heroic Ulduar: Flame Leviathan

  1. Catastrophe

    “Of course it was a paladin who invited the mobs. Traitor.”

    Did he run in screaming “LEEERRROYYY JENKINSSS”?

    • battlechicken

      No, he wasn’t even that thoughtful about it. It was more like…

      “Oh, oh–crap guys. Sorry.”

      lol. In his defense, he did offer to pay the repair bills for all the people who died.

      Oh, yuck, I just defended a paladin. I need to go shower now.

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