New Druid Form?!?!?! — April Fools!

For about 15 minutes yesterday, there was a blue post on the Druid Class Forums about a new druid form. Halfway through writing a blog about it, I tried to link it only to discover it had disappeared. I debated not writing about it, but if someone sticks their neck out like that, I might as well take a swing.

I don’t remember all the details, but apparently someone had QQ’d to Blizz about druids needing a threat reduction talent (true enough, I’ve complained about this a lot). Mages have invisibility, hunters have feign death, warlocks have soul shatter, priests have fade…you get the idea. Shadowmeld, while AWESOME, just doesn’t have the same raid viability as these other class abilities.

What was the answer to their cry of injustice? What else? Rep grinding and gold sinking. If the post was true, then druids will eventually be able to earn rep with D.E.H.T.A., turning many of the quests from D.E.H.T.A.’s Little P.I.T.A. into dailies (I’m sorry, I’m not sure if they said the faction would be open to other classes or not; I would imagine so, with varying class- or role-based rewards). Upon hitting exalted and for the cost of 1500g, we can buy Baby Mammoth Form. The form would be temporary, only lasting 20 seconds, but while in Baby Mammoth Form, threat is reset. Like mage invisibility (and I think Fade, but I’m not the priesty type), the form will break if you’re hit.

The lore here is loose at best. I’m guessing the idea is either a) that D.E.H.T.A. protects baby mammoths and would therefore protect you, or b) no one except Nessingwary-type crazies would want to hurt a baby mammoth. Somehow, I don’t think Tenebron would have any problem breathing fire down upon a mammoth anymore than he does a pack of hopeless raiders. But oh well, at least it’s something.

The better lesson here is this: don’t be a noob and pull aggro. If the tank’s dead, it’s probably a wipe anyway. But, if you’re like me and have the gold and the addiction to accumulating stuff like I do, and don’t like paying repair bills because Shadowmeld can’t save you anymore, what the heck? Go get Baby Mammoth Form. If nothing else, it will make for awesomely adorable screenshots, right?

They didn’t have a picture for what it might look like, so let me remind you of the cuties:

Truth be told, I ❤ the baby mammoths. So freakin’ cute. But I’m not sure I want to be one.

We’ll see. I have a feeling I’m going to be laying down another 1500g sometime in the future, though. What can I do? A sucker is born every day, and I’m pretty sure I was the one for my brithdate.


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7 responses to “New Druid Form?!?!?! — April Fools!

  1. Catastrophe

    April fools?

  2. plainsrunner

    Well played, well played

    I got about half way through and was like…..i see where this is going

    brilliant concept and well crafted, you sly devil

    • arcaneasylum

      Aggro reducers are a crutch!!! When you pull aggro, be a man (so to speak) and just kill it!!!! So what if it has a million hit points and can crit you for 57k damage, it just means that you have to try harder….

      BTW, the picture of Tenebron up there makes me giggle like a school girl! Love it.

  3. battlechicken

    Hehehe. I’m glad you all enjoyed my little joke. Baby Mammoth Form would be really cute…and pretty dumb.


    Although I’m not against a threat reduction ability (/poke devs).

  4. Weweman

    While locks do have soulshatter we also have to spend a of 4 talent points in two different trees to get a total of 10% threat reduction. Most fights im right on the tanks arse and lose a ton of dps potential stopping my rotation while the boomkin and shadow priest (way behind me in threat) blow my dps away. Gimmick (threat not an issue) fights I’m usually top dps (ex: 5400 dps on Patchwerk). I’d glady trade those 1 or 2 fights on top for more consistency.

  5. plainsrunner


    First, you are one of my favorite blogs now :), so glad I ran across this. Has helped a ton since my change form from feral to moonkin

    One thing though, we do have an aggro dump (quasi)
    /cast Cat Form
    /cast Cower

    Totally change cat form, run into melee range (or into the pally consecrate if aggro is on you) cast cower, don’t dps for a few seconds run back to range and moonkin again…..

    totally simple and effective 😛

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