Noobkin to Boomkin Part 2: Useful Macros

This post is current as of 5/14/2010 for patch 3.3.3.

This is the lunchmeat in the middle of a Noobkin to Boomkin sandwich: check out part 1 at Noobkin to Boomkin and part 3 at Noobkin to Boomkin: Stats.

Delos over at Laser Chicken reminded me of something I completely neglected to cover in the last blog: macros!

Useful Macro Number 1: Trinket Macros These macros are still useful, but I’ve actually stopped using them myself.  I’ve only got one on-use trinket these days, and I found that I get more DPS by using it at my discretion.  I can plan to use it after Acidmaw comes up the second time, rather than the CD coming up at a bad time and wasting 7 seconds of it while he travels underground.

However, for a long time I couldn’t remember to use my trinkets because I was still getting comfortable with dpsing.  If that’s you, then I highly recommend using this macro until you’re ready to add it to your rotation.  You can’t get a burst from a trinket if you never use it, after all.

Note: you can do this for any spell; I’m using wrath as an example as Delos did, but let’s say you want your trinkets to pop when you switch for eclipse; just replace “Wrath” with “Starfire.”

#showtooltip Wrath
/use 13
/use 14
/cast Wrath

(Thank you for the reminder, Delos!)  I actually learned this from Ultraking back about halfway through TK and SSC, when he started reaching out for info on increasing his dps like I have (I have used it for healing, too).  If you use this macro, make sure you macro trinkets to spells you use often.

Useful Macro Number 2: Rez Announcement

/cast Rebirth
/raid <<<rezzing %t>>>
/p <<<rezzing %t>>>
/s Get up, %t!

This macro does three things simultaneously and has a lot of room for personalization (this also works with our out-of-combat rez, just change “Rebirth” to “Revive”).  DPS or not, you will eventually be asked to battle rez someone, and it helps for everyone to know who you’re rezzing, especially when you hear something like, “Amber, get a dps up.”  This macro first rezzes the target, then announces who you’re rezzing to the raid, and then allows you to say something stupid.  Currently, my Rebirth macro says “Oooh, a piece of <target>,” and my Revive macro says, “I made a potion from <target>’s QQ and it was delicious.”  Hehehe.


Useful Macro Number 3:  Target Macro


(i.e., /tar Patchwerk)

If you’ve checked this site before, then you may notice that this is new.  While reading over this for the updates, I realized that I hadn’t included this macro, and it’s the one I’ve used more than any other macro this entire expansion (okay, maybe I’ve battle rezzed a lot, too).  It’s very simple, and maybe that’s why I didn’t think about it.  But if you’re new to using macros, this is a handy one to have in your DPSing arsenal.

In my macros right now, I have 3 separate targeting macros for different encounters (Gormok’s snobolds, Jaraxxus’ portals, and Lady Deathwhisper’s empowered targets).  However, if you’re not hitting a lot of different bosses during the week, you could just have one and change it based on the encounter.

For instance, back when we were in Ulduar, I had 1 targeting macro that I switched for several different things:  I changed it to target “Heart” for XT-002’s heart phase and “Yogg” for, well; Yogg (we all cluster for phase 3 and I had an awful time getting him targeted quickly).

Simple and effective, just the way I like my macros.

Useful Macro Number 4:  Assist Macro


This one’s a classic.  A lot of times we assign an assist target on an encounter to help focus fire dps in the heat of battle (Faction Champs, for instance, where sometimes the kill order gets changed in the middle of the fight).  Just put in the name of the assist like

/assist Ambermist

and you’re ready to roll.

Useful Macro Number 5: Mouseover Macro

/cast [target=mouseover] Remove Curse

Oh crap, the mages are dead and everyone else is stupid.  Someone needs to decurse or the raid is going to wipe!  If you are not usually a decurser (if you are, you should seriously consider getting the Decursive mod–I used it extensively for Kalecgos back in Sunwell and Yogg-Saron in Ulduar), then this is a macro you should make use of.  Like any other macro, this is useful for lots of spells.  As a healer, I used this along with Grid with great success.  Basically, this casts the spell of your choice on any target you mouseover, whether on Grid, your raid UI, or just on your screen.

There are a million fun and useful ways to make use of macros; get yourself familiar with them.  It’s a skill worth learning.



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4 responses to “Noobkin to Boomkin Part 2: Useful Macros

  1. You may want to consider adding a mouseover macro for cyclone. Handy in any fight with a MC or a PvP format. Also pretty handy when you’re out just running around and you want to mess with that mage taking the huge windup towards that mob.

    /cast [target=mouseover,exists,nodead] Cyclone; Cyclone

    Also for entangling roots:

    /cast [target=mouseover,exists,nodead] Entangling Roots(Rank 8); Entangling Roots(Rank 8)

  2. chimneysweep

    beautiful, jsut what I was looking for!

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