Moonkin Vs ??? – Moonlighting in PvP

I’m a raider.  PvP is not my strong point, although as a resto druid, let’s face it; I had a ready-made success story on my hands most of the time.  Now I’m learning to dps, and I’m ready to incorporate a little Pee Vee Pee action.  So, all you battleground and LK arena aficionados, tell me what you know.

It’s my understanding that pre-Wrath, moonkin were gemming Stamina/Resilience, but I’ve also heard that LK PvP is more about burst damage and crit.  I’ve gotten a few pieces of PvP gear and I’m not sure where to go with them.  I’m not trying to be super-pro, but I’d like to kill stuff and survive most of the time.

I tried to search around for this today, but there’s not a lot of great sources I’ve found…yet.

I have to tell you, as a girl, I think Deadly Gladiator Wyrmhide Robes are HOT.  C’mon, look at that cleavage!  Totally something to cheer about…



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5 responses to “Moonkin Vs ??? – Moonlighting in PvP

  1. omg….you got the robes? /bow

    Have 2 arena teams but not touched on it yet, as from what i have experienced we bluck in pvp now…on an epic face/slap level. We used to eat warriors for breakfast, shammies for lunch and mages for dinner (with a side order of priests)… we get sand kicked in our faces and get teased for being ginger haired. Its not good , nice or pretty out there for us anymore.

    But you must be doing something right /cheer !

    Made knight leutenant in the old days, have 29k honour kills, but was ready to give it up as a bad job…..maybe i will try arenas again now.

  2. Eglador

    The robe drops off of heroic Archavon, too, Boomdaddy 😀

    • battlechicken

      It’s true, if you look at my ratings you’ll see I haven’t set foot in an arena since at least 6 months ago.

      It dropped off Archavon last night; been waiting for it for a while. Before last night, I had only gotten the feral gloves and chest…like I’ll ever go feral again. I was the only druid in the raid last night and I’m still the guild’s only moonkin. Go, go, loot default!

  3. I really should learn to read! My bad, sooowy.

    The post did spur me to try some arena last night…drum roll

    2-8….cry…. was with an elemental shammy, lets just say its not a match made in heaven 🙂

    (around 680 resilience)

    • battlechicken

      I’m going to get a few more pieces and PvP spec this weekend; Ultraking (my very own mageboy) and I are going to try a few skirmishes just see how badly we suck.

      It will be bad at first. We will fail a lot, and he’ll probably bang on the desk quite a bit. lol.

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