Preview of Ignis in Ulduar

Actually, it’s more like the preview of Ignis’ trash in Ulduar, since Blizz turned him off with a world server crash on our last trash pull.

Either way, it was smokin’ hot.  Despite the whiners in General (you know the ones; they couldn’t finish Karaz in Burning Crusade but they got through Naxx and 1 drake Sarth and now think that’s how raiding is supposed to be), the trash pulls weren’t difficult–just another learning curve.  Remember learning the first few pulls in Tempest Keep, or heaven help us, the first time pulling trash in Sunwell?  Wasn’t even that hard.

When you’re facing Ignis, the first two mobs you see are these monsters:

The good news is, you can walk past them without aggroing them; so if you’re not interested in fighting them, move on.  We pulled them for the heck of it, and decided that if we were going to make it to the boss, we’d have to leave these guys alone for now.

If you walk between them, you’ll enter Ignis’ room:

There are two types of trash.  The short red ones are constructs.  They have significantly more health than the AoE pulls we’ve gotten used to in Naxx and Obsidian Sanctum, but strategy-wise, they’re easy.  Group them up (pally tank ftw) and AoE them down.  Watch your mana; I ran out and had to innervate on the first pack.  The second time I predicted it and backed off a bit, throwing a few wraths and dotting while my  mana regenned and it worked fine.

The walking flames are fire elmentals called Magma Ragers.  They’re bigger versions of their crystallized fire-dropping brethren in Storm Peaks, and a lot more determined to kill you, as  they create cyclones of fire that spin off of them and chase members of the raid.  It took us a few tries to figure out these pulls, but once you get it, they’re not hard.  Personally, I think they should be misdirected to the tank, although our pallies didn’t have any trouble avoiding the other packs when they were careful.  The tank should be positioned against the wall, particularly the corner of it at the bottom of the ramp.  The raid should fan out around them (if you clump up and a cyclone heads towards someone, the raid is as good as dead).  If a cyclone comes towards you, run up the ramp away from the raid.  If you’ve done Archimonde, then you  know the princple.  Running fire over healers = you suck.  Focus fire is important here; AoE will prolong the encounter, meaning more cyclones and more deaths than necessary.  Mark your targets and kill them one at a time.  If no one noobs up and gets eaten by a cyclone, you’ll get this down easily enough.

I didn’t get the chance to kill the boss, but I can tell you what we knew of the strat.  As every single other fight in WoW, this is a tank and spank with a twist.  Ignis should be the only thing that needs tanking, if our strat is correct.  Throughout the encounter, he will summon constructs (see the dark statues in the picture?  they won’t be dormant forever).  They will most likely head for the nearest healer, followed by dpsers.  If you get targeted by a construct, run to one of the two water pools on either side of the room.  Upon touching the water, the constructs will turn brittle and can be easily killed by their target.  Remember Leotheras the Blind?  Time to drag that smite back out onto your bar, healers.  React quickly and stay alive, and you win.  Supposedly.  When I finally get to actually kill Ignis, I’ll confirm or completely rewrite this strat for you.

Last night was awesome.  Learning trash pulls is cool; I hope they don’t nerf it for the babies.  I’ll try to get in a few more Ulduar groups as the bosses cycle through and bring you the strats as they come.

Yay for real progression raids!



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8 responses to “Preview of Ignis in Ulduar

  1. Looks great! Thanks for the preview. Do you realistically think it will be a suitable step up from Naxx….a proper raid again? Please let it be so, pretty please.

  2. battlechicken

    If the whining coming from the other 10-manners and the inexperienced 25-manners is any indication, yes. I should have mentioned in my post that we were in 10-man, which should mean that 25-man will be a significant upgrade from the cakewalk that is Naxx.

    More like a cakewalk with fire and swords and ice. Now THAT’S an event I want to witness.

  3. Hmm, great info here! This was really the only post I could find about the 2 trash mobs before his room; wonder if you can still walk past ’em! If we want to get the boss down in a timely manner, we may have to as well. Hah!

    Hope you’re enjoying the release, and hopefully your instance servers wont lock you out if you wipe. Heh! Good luck and I look forward to the next update! 🙂

    • battlechicken

      If you hit Ignis before I do, let me know if you can still walk past them; we didn’t even bother trying to learn their strat. We pulled them once, got WTFPWND and didn’t try again. lol.

      I’d have enjoyed the patch last night more if Amber hadn’t gotten stuck in a completely locked up 25-man VoA for two hours!

      I’ll certainly be posting as we encounter Ulduar for ourselves; scheduled raiding picks back up tonight as we walk in the door. Assuming we don’t get our butts kicked by the lag monster, it’s going to be an awesome time.

  4. Yea we got to play around with the trash for Ignis and we killed those 2 tall magma goliaths that you said you can walk by.

    Well I hope you can just walk by them because when they alive and dead they throw this dancing flame buffet on the raid and you can’t res it will kill they newly ressed.

    It lasted for about 5 minutes i believe after they were dead.

    We just had the issue of raid members getting Jacked by the cyclones of death.

    • battlechicken

      Now granted, when I did this on the PTR I was in a PuG. But it was a good PuG, and it took us a fair amount of time to figure out how to keep the entire raid from wiping on the cyclones. Still, we had a few who kept dying to them every pull.

      Ah, I ❤ the learning curve.

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