Four Dead Dragons

I wish I could post a kill shot, but I can’t.  I wasn’t there.  For the first time since I became a full time raider, I was invountarily excluded from a progression kill.  It sucked. I was included on the following reset (they killed him on a Monday and we went back on Tuesday), but it’s just not the same.

So once again, I delved into my options.  I read through pages of moonkin rotations, specs, gems, and enchants.  I read just enough posts on Elitist Jerks to make my head throb (why does there have to be so much math involved?!).  I even tracked down a great moonkin on our server and had a 30 minute chat on vent with him about changes I could make.  Still, I don’t seem to be hitting the numbers I should be hitting.  I have certainly improved, there’s no doubt about that; but I feel like I could be better still.

Let the advice train begin!  I know there are lots of moonkin out there, hiding in the corners, afraid to come out.  But I need you!  Armory me, study me, torture me, but help me kick more butt!

My current spell rotation is MF/IS/W until Eclipse, then SF through the cooldown.  Trees when they’re up on boss fights, and as often as possible I try to get them out there right before our shaman pops heroism (speaking of treants, at the advice of a reader I’m going to name mine.  I’m still working a good trio).  I’m a good raider.  I stay alive, I follow directions, I think on my feet; now I want to make some competitive dee pee ess.



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6 responses to “Four Dead Dragons

  1. Hey there, saw your post on blog azeroth and thought i would pop over and say hi! I’m no expert and it would appear you are more advanced than my guild ,but i would ask..

    1. the wws report you posted, which fights did it include. Was it a full naxx 25 clear?
    2. are you the only boomkin in the raid? and only druid?
    3. as 2, are you the only one battle rezzing, cross healing etc?
    4.are you finishing fights with oodles of mana?
    5,are you being good, and single targeting when locks and magetards are going AoE-tastic?
    6.your armory shows heaps of gear with spirit, which i personally thinks is a waste.
    7. at 242 hit how do you find your miss rate?

    I have been playing with specs over the last month, and changed from 55-0-16 super mana raid spec, to a 66-0-5.I have stacked a little heavier on crit, partly by intent and partly just by what has dropped for me. The crit mana regen I have been getting has actually improved my mana performance over raids, over the raid mana spec i had.Also I am doing more damage. Anyhow ill check back at some point and see what your answers say, ill not clog up your comments with my rationale for now!

    keep blogging! we need more boomkin blogs.

    BD & BM

  2. battlechicken

    1. That was Sarth 3D & the Military Wing in Naxx.
    2. Only moonkin yes; we have 2 druid healers and a couple of inconsistent cats.
    3. BRing yes, healing no, closest I come to that is innervating healers
    4. I never have to use a mana pot, and I only ever use innervate on myself when we’re AoEing trash.
    5. Depends. Naxx trash? heck no, we pull non-stop and I hurricane my way through it. Maly? yes, because I don’t want to be the tard who dies by pulling aggro from the disc-dudes.
    6. The spirit is unintentional. I’m still working on accumulating a few more upgrades; a lot of the spirit came down to, “well, it has 30 more spellpower and I’ll only lose , and I can gem it with +19sp..”
    7. 242 + raid buffs = nice hit. I can’t think of a single time I’ve noticed a miss during raiding. But we’re really careful about composition; we try to max everything possible.

  3. Hmm as I thought, you are more advanced than I, so now feel embaressed tryng to help!

    some thoughts though.
    1, sarth is quite an AoE intensive encounter I think and quite a high dps fight. With no points in gale winds or starfall, maybe you are loosing out on dps in that kind of encounter.
    2. if the raid has other druids that can use improved mark of the wild, do they buff or do you. I was free to try out new specs as our tank is has IMPMOTW. I started to see it as just a filler for clear casting and 3 points in intensity. Would you think about more points in the balance tree?
    3. There only used to be 2 boomkins in our guild, but now 4 raid regularly. BR duty is starting to get spread around but as one of the 2 longer rading Bkins I still get picked on the most! Im in the process of trying to calculate how much dps that drops me over, say, a 3 wing clearence night…will let you know if you are interested.
    4. If mana is no issue, again would you consider moving more points into balance?
    5 @ 6, its obvious you know what you are doing 🙂
    7 i found the same to be honest, 250 -275 was more than adequate, though on ten mans i missed a couple.

    You tick all the boxes to be honest. You have the know-how, skill, gear, rotation etc. I have been concerned about my dps levels recently and have been talking at length to several boomkins on my server. All feel that we dropped off the pace in the last few weeks. Maybe we have been stealth nerfed.

    Take your performance over a few wws reports, that encompass all the different encounters…see where you stand then.

  4. battlechicken

    I don’t think you’re at all underqualified to give me advice; anything I can try that might help is totally worthwhile!

    I’m actually smack in the middle of Sarth right now (dead to Lava Strikes), and so far tonight I’ve seen a massive improvement. I’ve been in the top 7 for most of the attempts. We’ll see if it sticks!

  5. Hi there! I’m so happy to see Moonkin blogs popping up, I found you via Laser Chicken’s latest post. I have to say that I totally know what you are talking about, I have been mentally tracking my performance and it is sub par even though I’m almost fully epic’d.

    My gear is not as good as yours but we use the same rotation. I find that I am regularly behind lesser geared Hunters and Mages by hundreds of DPS. I have been racking my brain for weeks, nay months trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. I have come to the conclusion that I don’t think I am doing anything wrong. : /

    I agree with what Boomdaddy said that SPR on items is not Ideal but I’m sure if better things dropped that had 3 DPS stats we wouldn’t pass them up.^_^

    I can’t really say why my dps is so low, I think that I have settled on the fact that our lack of spell choices and cooldowns has something to do with it, as well as maybe a scaling issue. I’m just rambling now.

    I know my gear choices are less than ideal, maybe we have to focus on those pieces with less SPR and more crit/haste and things will change. It certainly caught my attention and it makes me feel better that others are having the same kind of growing pains.


    • battlechicken

      Well, I have good news and bad news on that front.

      The good news is: my dps has gotten considerably higher. I got some great information from some other raiding moonkins (coming soon to Tastes Like Battle Chicken blog near you!), and I’ve seen my average dps increase by 1000 since I posted that WWS log, and I’ve seen myself get as high as 4.6 on some fights, a fair enough increase from under 3k.

      The bad news is: against similarly geared mages, we’re very closely matched. Their burst dps is higher, but I can sustain much better (stop for mana? NONSENSE!). Against hunters, shadow priests, and really good warlocks, however; it’s nothing. Typically my recount looks something like this after a boss fight:

      Shadow Priest
      Fury warrior
      Warlock or Shaman
      Random dps

      I might even have a screenshot of a recount that looks almost exactly like this on my raiding computer. I recently read somewhere (I should link this, but I don’t have the energy to look for it right this second) that Blizzard confirms that pure dps classes (hunters, mages, warlocks) have approximately 5% greater damage than hybrid classes because it was fair to give a boost to those who opted to give up flexibility. I understand that, but then I need someone to explain why the shadow PRIEST is kicking everyone’s butt.

      Well, apparently I felt a little more strongly on the topic than I realized. Suffice to say there are definitely ways to improve your dps (I promise I will blog my acquired tips sometime this weekend), but getting in the top dps slots as a moonkin and sustaining it is no easy task.

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