Patch 3.1 (or the only reason I would do two posts in one day)

How can you chew over my underseasoned, overcooked last post if I post again already? It’s a travesty to serve the second course before the first is finished, but I suppose you’ll have to set the brick wall that is CCT vs. Sarth 3D aside for now. Dessert is here!

The Good

  • Ulduar – All serious raiders have been waiting for this since the first time we cleared through Naxx and 25 people all typed /raid Was that supposed to be a challenge?! at once.  Were there sticky moments in Naxx?  Sure, but nothing you couldn’t get through in two nights.  Remember what getting through SSC was like back in BC?  Exactly, no comparison.  Ulduar is our hope of real progression, and I can’t wait.  My biggest concern is that they’ll goof around too much with new items.  I love the idea of an epic battle with the siege tanks, but I don’t want that to be the entire raid.  I’m hoping for a nice balance of new and old raiding dynamics.
  • Dual Spec – Oh sure, other classes are excited about this.  Mages can go frost for farming or can PvP spec and also have their raiding spec.  Death Knights can have a tank spec and dps spec simultaneously.  But druids – oh, how long we’ve waited for something like this!  No more “oh, I’m sorry, we need a healer” when you’re moonkin, only to be followed by, “LFM DPS” once you jump into a resto respec.  Now we can satisfy two parts of our split personality at the same time!

The Bad

  • Dual Spec Cost – I’m a stingy, gold-grubbing chicken, so I have enough gold to pay for this, but I’m not going to like laying another 1000g.  Of course, this is totally worth it, and I’d pay more in a heartbeat (but please don’t make me, Blizz).
  • When? – Of course there’s no guess as to when 3.1 will go live.  The good news is that you can visit it in the PTR.

The (Mostly) Indifferent

  • Balance Ability Changes – Really, out of all the things Blizz had to work with, they chose to alter Faerie Fire (now 5% armor increase instead of a set amount), and to nerf Owlkin Frenzy, a wasted raid talent but a fair enough PvP talent (it only procs off of ranged and melee attacks now, so you won’t get it by being hit with an arcane barrage anymore).  Super.
  • Glyph Changes – Glyph of Starfall now reduces the cooldown by 90 seconds instead of increasing the duration by 2 seconds.  Woop-de-doo, Starfall is just not useful enough in a raid to justify dropping any of my other major glyphs.  If you’re a AoE farming or PvP moonkin who likes knocking people off of the edge of the lumbermill in Arathi Basin, you might like the Typhoon glyph, reducing the cooldown by 3 seconds.  Glyph of Barkskin might also be useful in PvP, reducing the chance you’ll be critically hit by melee attacks.  As you can see, though, there aren’t any useful glyph changes for raiding.

So there you have it.  3.1 Patch incoming…someday.  Ulduar is calling, and I’m answering.  I’ll be doing a character copy as soon as the queue goes down, so hopefully I’ll be on the PTR under some obnoxious alias soon for a personal preview.  I’m disappointed that there isn’t more for us in this patch, but I’ll settle for Ulduar for now.  It had better be good.

For full patch notes and picture previews, check out the patch information at MMO-Champion.



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2 responses to “Patch 3.1 (or the only reason I would do two posts in one day)

  1. JerZ

    any news for resto druids .. just read a quote that stated they are messing w lifebloom

    • battlechicken

      BLASPHEMY! Kidding, I still ❤ my resto brothers and sisters.

      I think you’re probably referring to this little gem, and update to the patch notes that came out in the past few days:

      “Lifebloom: Mana cost of all ranks doubled. When Lifebloom blooms or is dispelled, it now refunds half the base mana cost of the spell per application of Lifebloom, and the heal effect is multiplied by the number of applications.”

      So now the bloom heals more if you’ve got it 3 stacked, but you lose buttloads of mana unless you let it bloom. Seems like they basically want you to start casting LBx3 and then letting it bloom before starting over.

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