Hello, My Name is Ambermist

And I am a moonkin.

It’s something I’ve been dealing with for about four months now, when one of our guild officers requested that I shed my well-established Tree of Life and try the feathery side of a druid’s split personality.  Being one of the many druids who opted to level Northrend balance, this seemed an exciting new frontier.

Now I’m addicted.  I’m addicted to crits and treants and the new moonfire graphic.  I’m addicted to the floating eclipse above my head lovingly referred to as the Death Star.  I’m addicted to standing in front of the heroic target dummy with my tongue hanging half out of my mouth looking for that little bit of dps improvement.  I do look forward to dual spec only to give me more opportunities in heroics (I admit I will moonlight as a healer every now and then), but there will be no going back if I can help it.  I am boomkin for life.



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4 responses to “Hello, My Name is Ambermist

  1. Anea

    It sure sounds like you’re in love with being a Moonkin! Almost makes me want to try one myself (almost!) 😉

    Welcome to the wonderful world of wowblogging!

  2. oriniwen

    Somewhere along the line I sort of abandoned my moonkin. She was my first toon and after hunter, druid in all its forms is my favourite class to play. Come to think of it, druid is basically the hunter and the pet rolled into one!

    Anyhow, my favourite thing to do is live vicariously through other moonkins, especially people who enjoy themas much as I do. Best of luck with blogging, and being a ThunderChikkin!

    Btw, am I the only one who has named their treants? My ‘tree posse’ is Snoop Logg, Treepac and Fiddy Treants. Yay for tree-p-s!

  3. battlechicken

    That is a marvelous idea. I’ll need some time to consider some good names, but I promise I will return with a post about naming my treants. I love Treepac, I think that’s genius!

    Three cheers for tree-p-s!

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